Andrew E Whittington PhD (Aberdeen) FRES

Andrew is an Entomologist, and taxonomist specialized in the identification and naming of insects, most particularly, but not exclusively, dealing with flies (Diptera). With forty years’ experience as a fly taxonomist, Andrew has written approximately 50 scientific papers and described more than 60 new species.

Andrew developed his expertise into a business called FlyEvidence, which has operated for more than a decade as an insect identification service for forensic services, legal investigation, pest control, environmental health, conservation and ecology. He is a Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society and an Honorary Fellow of the Division of Pathology (Forensic Medicine), University of Edinburgh. Andrew has been involved in more than 50 legal cases, including 20 autopsies conducted in the pursuit of murder inquiries. Over the span of ten years, more than 55,000 insect specimens and digital records were examined and identified.

He is a motivated, competent, experienced professional scientist, who utilizes the following skillset in application of science to problems:

  • organization
  • cataloging
  • indexing
  • data extraction
  • collation
  • synthesis
  • citation
  • referencing
  • communication
  • biological illustration
  • proof reading
  • editing

If you have an entomological question or investigation in need of a result, please contact Andrew at