Inside Threat Training and Consulting

Dominick Violante


Has worked in Law Enforcement for 30+ years, and has designed and developed several Self-Defense and Safety Awareness programs that he has taught to both Law Enforcement and the Public.
Owned and operated a Martial Arts School since 1982, and has Worked as Defensive Tactics Instructor MA State Police Academy 1983-1998 Certified through the Mass. Criminal Justice Bureau.
Public Safety Training & Education Resource Coordinator, Hartford HealthCare 2011-current, and director for the Active Shooter Response Training Program.
Farmington, CT Public Schools Security Monitor 2004-2011.
9-1-1 Emergency Dispatch Operator, Granby, CT Police Dept. 2010.
Campus Public Safety Officer – Dean College, Franklin, MA 1999-2000.

Instructor Training Certifications:

• Active Shooter Response – Certified through the ALICE Training Institute & FBI, DHS, FEMA, Run Hide Fight, Active Shooter Program.
• Conflict Resolution – how to approach and resolve a conflict between staff members in the workplace.
• Certified Physical Security Professional (Security assessments for Private & Corporate Buildings), for both inside and outside property. CPTED certified (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design).
• Have trained Law Enforcement Officers since 1983, and Public Safety & Security Officers since 2010.

• PATH (Practical And Tactical Handcuffing) Handcuffing
• OCAT (Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Training) Pepper Spray
• Monadnock Expandable Baton
• MOAB (Management Of Aggressive Behavior)
• CPI (Crisis Prevention Institute) NCI (Nonviolent Crisis Intervention) course
• Verbal De-escalation (aka verbal judo) also known as Verbal Influence & Defense

Our goal is to present you with the instruction and training necessary to: Protect – Respond – Recover
  1. Protect – teach you the protection needed to survive a critical incident for your staff/students and the protection to help mitigate a threat.
  2. Respond – train you the proper way to respond to a threat or dangerous situation that will be customized to fit your exact needs.
  3. Recover – help you with a recovery plan that will ensure your business will return to normal operations as quickly as possible, as recovery after a critical incident is of the upmost importance.

Let our experts help formulate and design a plan for your exact type of business, remember there is not a ‘one size fits all’ type of plan. As every business, school, healthcare facility, club, restaurant, etc. is unique in itself and requires a plan designed by professionals.
We can perform a risk/threat assessment for schools, colleges, corporate buildings, public venues, night clubs, private clubs, and banquet facilities.
We can conduct surveys & assessments, as well as help you promote training within your business/school/healthcare system, and provide the training necessary.